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Relationship goals all couples should want to achieve

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How to THINK You deserve Love …

There is nothing, nothing more important for your love life than truly, at the deepest level, having love and respect for yourself. And when you learn to honestly value what you have to offer, and tap into your own unique, passionate energy, the ability to get yourself noticed (romantically or otherwise) is easier than you […]

Annoying Verbal Behaviors + How To Lose Them

Stephen Hussey Have you ever forced yourself listened to a recording of your own voice in conversation? Or watch a video of yourself public speaking? If you have, it’s equivalent to peering under your skin through a microscope for the first time and cringing in horror at the bacteria festering inside. You’ll see awkward gestures, […]

How to Make Anybody Quickly Like You

Over years of being on TV and radio, running a company with over 30 full-time staff, and speaking to audiences of thousands of people, I’ve learned the techniques that make people immediately compelling. I’ve also learned the annoying habits that people get wrong (and which must be avoided at all costs if you ever want […]

Pessimism Is A Bad Date

Stephen Hussey Being a pessimist and finding love is hard work. And unfortunately, struggling in single life can make one even more pessimistic than before they started trying. But it must be resisted at all costs. Here are some reasons why: pessimism (and its cousin, cynicism) are exhausting to be around for long. They’re indulgent, […]

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