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Relationship goals all couples should want to achieve

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The Secret to Real Self-confidence

Most people fake it. Or they confuse it with other things: money, status, fame, a fancy lifestyle etc.  But the deep, inner, core confidence I reveal in this video is what’s left when everything else is stripped away. It’s the ultimate power, and it’s available to everyone: if you’re willing to make a profound emotional […]

Are You “Too Needy?” – Modern Love Therapy ™

Are you “Too Needy?” What does this title even mean and is it accurate? “You’re too needy.”  “You expect too much.” “Your expectations are too high.” “Why are you acting like that?” “You’re overreacting!” If you have ever dated, most likely you have been told at one point directly (or have been given an indirect message) […]

Why Does She Keep Raising the Past?

Why Does She Keep Bringing Up the Past? 5 Reasons She Holds “Grudges” “Help! Why does she keep bringing up the past? Nothing I can do is ever good enough.” Sound familiar? One reoccurring theme I hear from many of my heterosexual couples is the issue with repairing past conflict. I don’t mean to generalize here […]

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